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Pack meeting point

 This is where all packs come if there is a matter that needs to be dealt with including another pack. Sometimes its a place leaders come to tell each other about the human activity and if they think it concerns them, other times its about territory rights and sometimes leads to battle. most leaders bring all their fighters when coming to this place incase there is a battle which is not uncommon.  All packs have a right to come here, no one owns these lands.

All pack stream

A place where all packs can drink from

Pack Fighting area

If there are battles this is where they happen, the ancient wolves decided that all wolves should have an aqual amount of space to fight from and that there should be a place where they fight from to make it a fair battle unless it is a raid. As soon as the pack leader howls the wolves attack and burst into battle, much blood is usually spilt. No wolf is to attack unless the leader howls or gives the signal.


Private Leader Den

Where only leaders are aloud, and come to discuss private matters away from the rest of the pack.

Evil place

This place is hidden and only the pure evil wolves can go here, there is as a fact an entire pack of evil wolves hiden under ground cave that no pack has ever discovered, and will most lickely never discover. These demon like wolves are blinded to the light they only stay under ground in a cave hidden deep under the earth. They hunt things like mole rats and their bodies have adapted to the low pickings of things like giant earth worms, moles and mud rats. Any wolf who is going down a bad path will sometimes be summond by these vile wolves if they think you are worthy enough to join thier pack

Rocky area

This is the hidden underground cave where the demon wolves live, they come up here usually to gnaw bits of rotten flesh of gross things and wonder around the rocks, sometimes falling off and slipping into the water which is down below.

Digging Tunnels

Where the Demon wovles come to gather food and make more room in their home. Digging takes a very long time and tunnels aren't easy to form.

Drinking place

The demon wolves drink from here, the water is foul and would make any other kind of wolf sevrely sick

Demon Leaders Standing rock

Where the leader of the Demon wolves stands when talk to the others wolves below. It is pretty high up, falling would leave bad wounds.