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This is the start of the fox and other wild dog terrirtory. Foxes and coyoties hang around these areas usually, stray dogs keep their distance if they are smart enough and want to avoid getting rabies.

It is also a shared territory so there are fewer boundaries.


Clearing/chill place

After a hard days work some foxes and other wild dogs come here to just relax, chill and hang out maybe even sleep if they are sure there is no danger nearbye

Hunting place

A good place to catch food, and get some fresh air.

Pup and mother places

This is where mothers take their young to play in the day, its fun for the pups and its a enojable place for mothers.

Fox Den

Where foxes sleep.

Chiken hunting place

If you feel really theivy and want to have a go at stealing chikens this is the place

Coyote Den

Where Coyotes sleep

Rocky cave area

This place is mainly for Coyotes, but sometimes other ferral dogs might wonder in and hang around here.

Main Coyote territory

This is where Coyotes specificly mark their territory so any foxes or other dogs found here will be in for a fight if they cross the border

Coyote cave area

Where the Coyotes go when they want to find shelter or hide in dark places