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This is where the domestic dogs live, the owners take good care in looking after their dogs.

The streets

This is where owners take their dogs on walks which get a great amount of exercise if walked every day.

The park

This is where dogs go to meet others, sometimes sneak a swim in the pond or just frollic about.

Bush place

This is where owners take their dogs on bushwalks, or where strays sometimes go if they feel like gettin gout of the city.

Dog house

This is where other dogs come to chill with their friends, sometimes stay nights and just have fun.

The vet place

This is where owners take their sick dogs to get better.

Stray Dog area

This is where the stray dogs live, it is a deppressing and lonely place which you do not want to end up in.

The Dumpster

This is where stays sometimes go to get a bite to eat, though it is gross they make do with what they've got.

Scavenge area

This is also where strays go to find food, but less food is often found here.


This is probably the best place to find food, but be warned if you want to get food from here you'll need to be stealthy and fast because the food here isn't free.

Abandoned shack

This is where strays and loners sleep, it is pretty desserted but a safe place.

Nice place

This is probably one of the nicest places you can find as a stray, it is peacful and the grass is always moss green here.