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Lead by Caress~  The Daylight Pack is a wise and trustowrthy pack who will fight by your side if the need acurrs. Though don't get your loyalty confused with theirs. They won't take risks and will defend their territory against anyone. Dont mess with them or get on their bad side their fangs kill and have ripped many enemies pelts.


Daylight Pack Territory

This is the start of the Daylight Pack territory. It has a great range of greenery and sunlight.

The Lake

This is where the Daylight wolves drink from. It is wise to watch your pups if you bring them to the grass patch island that is in the middle of the lake.

Hunting Grounds

This is where the Daylight Pack hunts. There's usually mole rats, elk, rabbits and other animals around here.

The Den

Where the Daylight wolves sleep. It's a very nice cave and has a pretty good amount of space. Also where food is stored and leaders talk about things to the whole pack.The Fighters sleep in one place of the den and the leader and his mate/pups sleep in their own special area. Mothers and pups sleep seperate from the other males. The Healing wolves especially sleep in one corner where they have their materials, meditation space and other things they use. The hot water they collect from volcanoes  (used for melting things and making potions) is put into a rock shape bowl which the wolves with the strongest teeth carve and craft for it to especially be kept in.

Running Planes

This place has the perfect amount of space for running and gives wolves good a good amount of exercise.

Dazzling Tree Place

 A lovely place of greenery and trees. It's probably one of the most enjoyable and dazzling places to be in the Daylight Pack.

Swimming Hole

This is a great place to swim for the Daylight wolves in summer, it also has many rocks and along the shore there is a giant rock that is big enough to shade the whole pack.

The Volcano

This is where all packs go to collect hot water used for melting things. Usually only the Healing wolf comes here, often accompanied by a fighter.

Leaders Resting place of Wisdom

This is where leaders and destined wolves come to speak to their ancestors. This place is sacred and ONLY leaders and destined wolves may enter, it is said that any other wolf will be cursed who enters. Destined wolves get their approval of leadership when they enter this cave.

Cave of Punishment

This is where Wolves who have tresspassed, broken the Code or done any sort of harm. For wolves who break the Code and have done a heavy crime usually end up getting killed. For Wolves who have broken the code and have earned the death sentence the leader summons two strong wolves who drag them in by the tail and nip their legs, they then pin the guilty wolf to the ground and the leader nods, at that moment the taker begins the blood shed and rips them appart for the death sentace. Though it doesn't always end in death sometimes its just solving matters with tresspassing wolves .