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Riding horses through a field of sun stricken barley
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Hello everyone! IM so sorry I wasnt on more ^^ I was extremely busy. But now, The daylight pack alpha is here to rein once more hehe. Ill be glad to answer any questions or conserns as I reasert my self on the site.


A graceful, mildly fluffy, strong female grey wolf with red carressing her ears and lined thinly with the grey and white along her body. She has indepth amber eyes that look into your soul. Caress is tactful, seducive, caring and wise. Her kind demenor allows her to have time to think, that is mostly why her pack is so well run. She loves hiding and running though these are only passions, in battle she is fierce and protective almost like a bear. If you open her up, she can be a goofball too.


Khorshid~ Meaning "Radiant Sun" In the language of Dari~ A lithe white she-wolf with ashy under tones of black and glinting brown eyes. She is careful stepped, always looking before leaping. This quality applies both mentally and physically. She is fair and puts her self usually before others but when there is a threat or anything is threatening she is the complete opposite of her usual self. She is sharp tongued, quick and one hell of a fighter. She has sharp claws that can rip through pelts with ease. She likes to make the right decision but sometimes... Drive for protection gets in the way. (Fighter of the Nocturnal pack)


Ace~ A sharp witted male learner of the Daylight pack. He is slightly grumpy and quick to judge, but deep down he's very caring. Though her doesent show it, he would giive his life for his pack and his loyalty is unchallenged. He is a large black wolf with deep brown eyes.


Dagger~ Sunset pack~ learner~ A skittish grey wolf pup with sharp fangs. He is rather bashful and doesent like to make eye contact, finding it disrespectful. He is a learner, but is considered a low rank in the pack and is often afraid of the others. They tease him, nip him, and leave him behind. He is always the last to eat, though is this not the way of the wolf pack? He takes his role with pride and knows that everyone is important in their own way.



Astian~ Nocturnal pack~ Fighter~ A dark wolf with soft eyes. He is pretty muscular but not to the extreme, rather nicely proportioned if you ask me. He is usually pretty friendly and compassionate, but can be a little snappy if approached in a stressful situation. At the sight of an intruder, he will instantly alert and does not hear for an explanation until there is back up. But then, he leaves that to the higher ranks.


Trixy~ Fox loner~


A tricky vixen with a bushy red tail and radiant green eyes. She is adventures and miischevous, loving to play tricks and get away with her little games. She excells in the art of stealing, and finds most of her meal by taking meat from other animals. She will be social, but if shes nice to you, its aften because she only wants to use you.



A bright red male fox with eletric yellow eyes. He is young, energetic, and willing. He often goofes off and coulnt care less abotu anyone else. With him, its all about clowning.




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Reply Twilight
4:55 AM on July 18, 2013 
umm....Hi Caress.... i was wondering if i could join ur pack.........i luv to rp.....and im new here so...................i hope u let me join Ty
Reply Willowspirit
8:57 AM on April 18, 2013 
i was wondering if my wolf willowspirit could be the healer of the daylight pack, im very experienced in rp and i know all the herbs/things for healing and im on all the time (prictically) if i can pls msg me and let me know, ty
Reply Akito and more( aka silver <3
11:59 PM on April 12, 2013 
hey kindle :3