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Blackfoot, and more

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Blackfoot: Pitch black female wolf with icey blue eyes

Life Story: Blackfoot is a hard one to tell. Blackfoot was a sibling of five as she was the smallest and she was never loved by her father or mother. As she lived on a lonely life, she grew up to be a wise she wolf and a great fighter, she lefted Nocturnal pack and moved to be in Sunset pack, she found a mate there, but he was not the one, he was very abusive to her, as she lefted to join Daylight pack, she found a mate named Nightmare and had a family with him, she died once but she came back to life as she has special connections with her ancesters. Blackfoot has been threw a lot but she is a strong hearted wolf.

Mate: Nightmare

Pups: Reed (Red eyes) Thunder: (Black eyes) Mist: ( Blue eyes) Angel: (Brown eyes)

Jadefur: Black and white female wolf with big paws

Life Story: Jadefur is a normal she wolf as she has a great personality. Her parents cared and loved her. Jadefur is a great warrior and fighter, as her mother. Jadefur is a normal wolf, but she still has sarrow in her soul as her crush, Fang, has been missing for many seasons. She struggles threw life without him, as she searches everyday to find him.

Mate: None

Pups: None

Haru: Brown wolf with big paws and a long coat

Life Story: Haru has a dark past. He was a lone pup abandoned by his parents and forced to surivive on his own. He found Sunset pack and joined, but he was stil not right in his head, he had a mate named Blackfoot, but she lefted him because he was abusive to her, she lefted to Daylight pack, he was so anger that he stalked her and her new family. He tried to kill her pups and force her to be his mate again. Haru had no chance as he lives in Sunset pack alone forever.

Pups: None

Mate: None

Maple: White and light brown female wolf with green eyes

Life Story: Maple is a sweet and kind she wolf, her life as a pup was normal and she loved her father. When her father died she lefted her mother in Daylight pack and joined Sunset pack. She carries on to be a healer wolf, just like her father.

Mate: None

Pups: None

Shadowpath: Black and grey male wolf with black eyes and a huge body

Life Story: Shadowpath was a fun loving pup. But when his father turned into a cold blooded killer, he took the sight of fear on his father. He took on his mother's place when she died, to be a loyal and respectful wolf. Frostbite, Shadowpath's sister hated her mother , he was sad when she died. Frostbite killed there mother out of hate, ever since Shadowpath promised his mother never to be like his father or sister. But now he has a mate named Starshade and loves her dearly, he is a happy soul with her and will protect her with his life, and his new family.

Mate: Starshade

Pups: Artimes, Roman, Stargaze, and Starflight

Frostbite: White female wolf with blue eyes and fluffy fur (Deseased)

Life Story: Frostbite was very famous to all packs. She was a fun loving pup. But when her father turned into a cold blooded killer, she took on his carrer when he died, he brother Shadowpath was a very sweet wolf who loved his mother dearly, so he took on her place when she died, to be a loyal and respectful wolf. Frostbite hated her mother and loved her father, she was sad when he died. So one day she killed her mother infront of her brother's eyes. So she became insane and kills for the fun of it, just like her father.

Mate: None

Pups: None

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Reply Blackfoot, and more
11:18 AM on June 28, 2013 
opps I am sorry I made a mistake
Reply Blackfoot, and more
7:03 PM on May 2, 2013 
I love my wolves rate to 1-10
Reply Shade and MORE
12:40 AM on April 18, 2013 
yea I know..:/ I saw nd im blocking him from the chatboxes thu please if you find him and hes a member can u let me know?