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♥ ~ Rainbow ~ ♥
19 years old
About Me

Meh Wolfz


Gen: She-wolf

Pack: Nocturnal

Appearance: Grey wolf with silvery white paws and chest and deep rainbow changing olor eyes


Gen: She wolf

Pack: Daylight

Appearance: Yellow wolf with emerald green eyes


Gen: He-wolf

Pack: Sunset

Appearance: Grey fur with brown paws

Mate: Kylie

Pups: Diego Thunder & Sun

22 years old
About Me


Gender- She-wolf

Color- Beautiful, skinny, light brown she wolf with white tipped tail, muzzle and ears, her paws are white to, she has dark brown stripes.

Mate- None

Crush- None

Pack-Nocturnal Pack

About her- Super fast, Great hunter, Amazing fighter, Very beautiful.

♥~Starshade and More~♥ (AKA Silverbrook)
About Me

Name:Starshade Gender:Female Pack:NP Mate:Shadowpath Pups:Artimes,Starflight,Roman and Stargaze


Name:Burn Gender:Female Pack:SP Crush:No

download (70)-2.jpg

Name:Butterscotch Gender:Female Pack:SP Mate:Timber Pups:Expecting


Name:Kylie Gender:Female Pack:SP Mate:Storm Pups:Bloom,Diego and Thunder


Name:Diego Gender:Male Pack:Sunset pack Crush:No 


Name:Bloom Gender:Female Pack:Sunset Crush:No


Name:Artimes Gender:She-wolf Pack:Nocturnal Pack Crush:No 

download (1)-9.jpg

Name:Starflight Gender:She-wolf Pack:Nocturnal Pack Crush:No 


About Me

Aatu and More
About Me

Name: Lar | Pack: Nocturnal pack | Rank:Taker (Male) | About: A stubborn, deciving small smirk wolf. He has a light dusty pelt with gray sploches and stripes, and chilling ice frost blue eyes.

Name: Ulric | Pack: Sunset pack | Rank: Healer Not sure yet(Male) | About: A outgoing, loyal, smoke black dog with strange paintings on his face. He has a dusty brown ash colored underbelly.

neo_boy_by_johanpok-d5bh2yx.pngName: Aatu | Pack: Daylight Pack | Rank: Learner (Male) | About: A noble, strong, humorous kind wolf who will always do what is right for his pack. Both his parents died when he was a young pup, but he continues to serve his pack.

Akito and more( aka silver <3
24 years old
About Me

Okra: a sweet, and very pretty wolf.

Grave: a handsome and very serious wolf.  (horns..... ignore!!)

Akito: the proud leader of sunset pack. he has a great personality with huge fangs.   he is a great leader and can figure out any problem the pack has. he is also a real flirt around most she wolves.

Doe: a nice and careing she wolf (IGNORE THE ANTLERS!!). 

Jake: a nice and sly fox. well, hes a wolf but... figure of speech? ( ignore the horns)


Kenya: Akitos loving sister with the same features, aka le fangs.

Alakin, Kyrone, and Skyra. (A.K.A Puppy)
About Me

Alakin, kyrone, and Skyra are all of the same litter. Alakin, the oldest, is a grey male wolf with a white belly. He is very strong and tough, often giving demands to his sibblings. Kyrone is the one in the middle age-wise. He is a silver male wolf. He is very kind, and likes to help. He is also a fast runner. Skyra is the youngest. She is an albino female wolf. She is not a good fighter, and hides a lot. She is afraid of everything, but Kyrone helps her through. Alakin doesn't really care. Skyra is really energetic, and loved playing. She also loves hearing storys of the old days.


Alesia and more c:
About Me


Alesia : White, slim, small female with light brown/hazel eyes , she is a naieve little shewolf and is highly protective of her pack and Echo her sister.  mate: None ;-; pups: none

Echo : black,muscular,  female with beautiful sea-foam  eyes , she is akindhearted wolf with a big personality, and is highly Alesia her little sister. mate: None ;-; pups: none

Chase : tall, fluffy male with crimson eyes ,he is a very anti-social wolf but is really nice if you manage to befriend him, get on his wrong side though and psssh good luck survivng ;) mate: None ;-; pups: none((eww they fart >_<;))


Ajax: a small jack russle terrier with green eyes and a lot of personality, he is hery kind and loving towards his friends and if you dont like him...HE WILL MAKE YOU! crush:april pups:none

April: a tall golden retriever with brown eyes, she is very kind and will be shy towards strangers but can be very stubborn and will get her own way. ALWAYS. crush:none pups:none

26 years old
About Me

I'm a demon of luxuria so be warned I can be misleading. I love to have fun and to wrestle around. I am teritorial so so be careful as to what you say or do twords me. I love to learn and to talk about anything nerdy as well. Im usually always hyper and tend to be a bit spaztic at time so fair for warning. I do have a warning lable that reads "does not play well with others" and this is due to my roudy and demonic side... But please, feel free to talk to me if you dare ;)

Ambassador &Co.
About Me

Ambassador is muti-colored wolf with short fur and a cold heart. Shes been betrayed and used by other wolfs so much that she wishs to be the taker, so she can take the lifes of the ones she hates so much. Although shes been broken she still has a soft spot for pups.(Profile pic)

Admiral is a short, thin furred male of the sunset pack. He has short muscular legs used for running and long, thick furred ears to find his prey. Although this charming 2 and a half year old male seem rough and angry all the time, in truth he's actually nice.

General is tough, thin furred male wolf of the nocturnal pack. This bright yellowish male blends in with his pack mates, rude and cold hearted. This handsome male is a heart breaker, always sweeting talking females, making them fall in long and then he will disappear, making them raise his pups.

Corporal is a sweet heart, domesticated Doberman with a slight temper problem. He's kind and loyal to his owners and is mainly used as a guard dog, along with his two brothers, sergeant and captain.

Sergeant is a brute, by nature. This 275 pound Doberman is no doubtedly fear by many, from the times he's harmed loved ones to make sure dogs knew their place. Like his other two brothers, he was a police dog. His owner is a retired police officer so it makes sense why he owns them

Captain is a mix between his two brothers, at times he's a gentle, loyal Doberman and at other times he's a brute, a killing machine. Captain is the leader of the small group, getting the name captain. Captain is a fierce guard dog, his bight force strong then a pit bulls.

About Me

Berry (my profile pic)

Age: Pup



Pack: Fox

Look: Red-Brown fur, Black feet,white chest,  Turquise eyes Fluffy tail White end


Blackfoot, and more
About Me

Blackfoot: Pitch black female wolf with icey blue eyes

Life Story: Blackfoot is a hard one to tell. Blackfoot was a sibling of five as she was the smallest and she was never loved by her father or mother. As she lived on a lonely life, she grew up to be a wise she wolf and a great fighter, she lefted Nocturnal pack and moved to be in Sunset pack, she found a mate there, but he was not the one, he was very abusive to her, as she lefted to join Daylight pack, she found a mate named Nightmare and had a family with him, she died once but she came back to life as she has special connections with her ancesters. Blackfoot has been threw a lot but she is a strong hearted wolf.

Mate: Nightmare

Pups: Reed (Red eyes) Thunder: (Black eyes) Mist: ( Blue eyes) Angel: (Brown eyes)

Jadefur: Black and white female wolf with big paws

Life Story: Jadefur is a normal she wolf as she has a great personality. Her parents cared and loved her. Jadefur is a great warrior and fighter, as her mother. Jadefur is a normal wolf, but she still has sarrow in her soul as her crush, Fang, has been missing for many seasons. She struggles threw life without him, as she searches everyday to find him.

Mate: None

Pups: None

Haru: Brown wolf with big paws and a long coat

Life Story: Haru has a dark past. He was a lone pup abandoned by his parents and forced to surivive on his own. He found Sunset pack and joined, but he was stil not right in his head, he had a mate named Blackfoot, but she lefted him because he was abusive to her, she lefted to Daylight pack, he was so anger that he stalked her and her new family. He tried to kill her pups and force her to be his mate again. Haru had no chance as he lives in Sunset pack alone forever.

Pups: None

Mate: None

Maple: White and light brown female wolf with green eyes

Life Story: Maple is a sweet and kind she wolf, her life as a pup was normal and she loved her father. When her father died she lefted her mother in Daylight pack and joined Sunset pack. She carries on to be a healer wolf, just like her father.

Mate: None

Pups: None

Shadowpath: Black and grey male wolf with black eyes and a huge body

Life Story: Shadowpath was a fun loving pup. But when his father turned into a cold blooded killer, he took the sight of fear on his father. He took on his mother's place when she died, to be a loyal and respectful wolf. Frostbite, Shadowpath's sister hated her mother , he was sad when she died. Frostbite killed there mother out of hate, ever since Shadowpath promised his mother never to be like his father or sister. But now he has a mate named Starshade and loves her dearly, he is a happy soul with her and will protect her with his life, and his new family.

Mate: Starshade

Pups: Artimes, Roman, Stargaze, and Starflight

Frostbite: White female wolf with blue eyes and fluffy fur (Deseased)

Life Story: Frostbite was very famous to all packs. She was a fun loving pup. But when her father turned into a cold blooded killer, she took on his carrer when he died, he brother Shadowpath was a very sweet wolf who loved his mother dearly, so he took on her place when she died, to be a loyal and respectful wolf. Frostbite hated her mother and loved her father, she was sad when he died. So one day she killed her mother infront of her brother's eyes. So she became insane and kills for the fun of it, just like her father.

Mate: None

Pups: None

About Me

Name: Blackheart



Blaze, Ice, and Claw AKA FLAMEY FROM CP
21 years old
About Me

He is friendly, loyal, can be loving, and fierce.

Blaze looks like my prof pic

And Im flamepelt from cp

21 years old
About Me

I am Blood. . I will kill anyone in my way...but....i do love other dogs and im a shy and genorous person.

22 years old
About Me

~Wolves~ (Purple for shes, green for hes)

-BREEZE: Breeze is a black she-wolf with a gray underside and under her eyes. She has Yellow eyes, with yellow streaks under them. She also has long legs, and sof, long fur.           Wants to have a mate, and is kind and swift

About Me


About Me

Hello everyone! IM so sorry I wasnt on more ^^ I was extremely busy. But now, The daylight pack alpha is here to rein once more hehe. Ill be glad to answer any questions or conserns as I reasert my self on the site.


A graceful, mildly fluffy, strong female grey wolf with red carressing her ears and lined thinly with the grey and white along her body. She has indepth amber eyes that look into your soul. Caress is tactful, seducive, caring and wise. Her kind demenor allows her to have time to think, that is mostly why her pack is so well run. She loves hiding and running though these are only passions, in battle she is fierce and protective almost like a bear. If you open her up, she can be a goofball too.


Khorshid~ Meaning "Radiant Sun" In the language of Dari~ A lithe white she-wolf with ashy under tones of black and glinting brown eyes. She is careful stepped, always looking before leaping. This quality applies both mentally and physically. She is fair and puts her self usually before others but when there is a threat or anything is threatening she is the complete opposite of her usual self. She is sharp tongued, quick and one hell of a fighter. She has sharp claws that can rip through pelts with ease. She likes to make the right decision but sometimes... Drive for protection gets in the way. (Fighter of the Nocturnal pack)


Ace~ A sharp witted male learner of the Daylight pack. He is slightly grumpy and quick to judge, but deep down he's very caring. Though her doesent show it, he would giive his life for his pack and his loyalty is unchallenged. He is a large black wolf with deep brown eyes.


Dagger~ Sunset pack~ learner~ A skittish grey wolf pup with sharp fangs. He is rather bashful and doesent like to make eye contact, finding it disrespectful. He is a learner, but is considered a low rank in the pack and is often afraid of the others. They tease him, nip him, and leave him behind. He is always the last to eat, though is this not the way of the wolf pack? He takes his role with pride and knows that everyone is important in their own way.



Astian~ Nocturnal pack~ Fighter~ A dark wolf with soft eyes. He is pretty muscular but not to the extreme, rather nicely proportioned if you ask me. He is usually pretty friendly and compassionate, but can be a little snappy if approached in a stressful situation. At the sight of an intruder, he will instantly alert and does not hear for an explanation until there is back up. But then, he leaves that to the higher ranks.


Trixy~ Fox loner~


A tricky vixen with a bushy red tail and radiant green eyes. She is adventures and miischevous, loving to play tricks and get away with her little games. She excells in the art of stealing, and finds most of her meal by taking meat from other animals. She will be social, but if shes nice to you, its aften because she only wants to use you.



A bright red male fox with eletric yellow eyes. He is young, energetic, and willing. He often goofes off and coulnt care less abotu anyone else. With him, its all about clowning.




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42 years old
About Me

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