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Site Shutdown possibility

Posted by Shade and MORE on October 22, 2013 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (40)

Im sorry it has come to this but there is just not enough people on or enough roleplay activity, i spent a long time trying to make this site great but no one is putting enough effort to come on fluently, including myself and that is because i have been very busy with other things. For all you who have helped advertise this site i am trully greatful but there is not enough activity. I will think about my decision but it is most likely that this site will be shut down.

Notice: Though i may be closing this site down i am however attempting to making another, it is going to be a Deer rpg set in a similar style to 'Bambi' it is a great kids movie and it will forever remain one of my favourites.

Go to my Deviant for information about it, i will post a link there because i have not finished creating the site. Hopefully i'll be able to get it done a lot faster than i did for this one, if not bare with me 

Sincerely Shade~

please all new peeps read ._.

Posted by Shade and MORE on April 14, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (4)

K look guys i know how most of you are pretty new to this site, but i really would appreciate it if you read more of the things and info i post....i don't just write it for peeps to ignore and not get read ._. also one thing just to get this straight Foxes/domestic dogs are NOT aloud in the wolf territory, neither are wolves in theirs only if you have been given permission to do something from your leader, also just saying the volcano place and other areas like that are only really for healers to go to collect hot water for things which some of you may have read or not, so just stay in the other areas. Remember this is a pack so you can't go off doing whatever you want in a pack, if you want to do that then be a fox or a stray. The main reason for this is because wolves are supposed to be around each other and not heaps far away from the rest, they stay together so if you are in a pack don't go off doing random things.  Any other questions ask me

Oh and btw if anyone posts ANYTHING sexual related im not giving second chances -.- which i have already, just warning you i can easily find you and delete you so i wouldn't push your luck.....

Cincerly ~Shade~

Pack List

Posted by Shade and MORE on April 14, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (14)

Nocturnal pack: Leader: Shade  Healer: Serenity  Taker: Lar  Destined wolf: (not needed yet but when needed Mika will take my place)  Fighters: Spox, Sesh, Bark, General, Juniper,Jake, Kenya, Snowdrop, Blaze, Ice, Claw, Sparrow, Flame, Crystal, Snow

Middle wolves: Okra

Daylight pack: Leader: Caress  Healer(needed)  Taker:Ambassabor   Destined wolf: (not needed yet) Fighters: Jay, Blackfoot(mother), Lunar, Nightmare, Maya(mother) Narshha, Rakozar, Frost

Sunset pack: Leader: Akito  Healer: (needed)  Taker: Grave  Destined wolf: (not needed yet)  Fighters: Admiral, Dawn

Learners: Parsley

Demons: Eternity

(Will add the other statuses when more peeps start commenting)

Wolf ranks

Posted by Shade and MORE on April 12, 2013 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (7)

Oh hey btw guys just so you know there are ranks that wolves have and if you want to be listed in the proper pack list comment your status here


Wolf Ranks:

Fighter order: Pup, learner, Middle wolf, Fighter.

Healing wolf order: Pup, harvester, Healer

Taker order: Pup, Sweeper, Blood wolf, Taker

Leader order: Pup, Destined Wolf, Leader


About the ranks:

Taker: The Taker is the wolf who ends lives when necessary, like when a wolf cant be healed and is going through a lot of pain.

Fighter: A fighter is what normal wolves usually become when fully grown, older wolves sometimes teach pups techniques but usually its the parents that train their own pups.

Healing wolf: Healing wolves are used to help injured wolves, they dont use herbs but have a spiritual connection to their ancestors, they use that knowledge to help injured wolves, though sometimes when a healing wolf cant help an injured wolf it means their ancestors are calling upon the dying.

Leader: Leader is the wolf that leads the pack, he/she does their very best to protect the pack no matter what, you always put yourself before the pack.

Destined wolf: Destined wolf is a wolf who will take on the leading roll after the other leader has died or retired, he/she will usually have a dream or vision that will tell them if it is their turn or not.


just thought id mention the actual meanings incase any of you misunderstood.