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As you all proabbly know these are the three main types of dogs you can be, all have unique things about them. Foxes can find food pretty easily and are good at stealth, Wolves have to extra advantage of a pack to thrive on, Domestic dogs have their humans who feed them and get looked after. So really all of these dogs are pretty equeal.


You can do pretty much anything you want, have as many dogs as you want, wether its two foxes, four wolves and one domestic dog thats fine..But if you want to go and rampage and attack another pack or species you must ask me for permission well its mainly if you want to raid attacks


Information about the different types of dogs and how they work:


Wolf information: In a wolf pack, there are four main ranks Fighter, Taker, Leader and Healing wolf. Most wolves will go on the path of the Fighter, some others are interested in being a healing wolf, it explains below.


Wolf Ranks:

Fighter order: Pup, learner, Middle wolf, Fighter.

Healing wolf order: Pup, harvester, Healer

Taker order: Pup, Sweeper, Blood wolf, Taker

Leader order: Pup, Destined Wolf, Leader


About the ranks:



Taker: The Taker is the wolf who ends lives when necessary, like when a wolf can't be healed and is going through a lot of pain.


Sweeper: The Sweeper is a young wolf who is just starting to learn about dealing with dying wolves, they are not permitted to take lives until they reach the blood wolf stage when they have more experience, this stage isnt the nicest and being a sweeper usually means you need to clean up after dead wolves and get rid of the blood,  this stage it is mainly testing if you really understand and are willing to continue. Cause after all it is a messy job.


Blood Wolf: The Blood Wolf is the stage where the Taker will teach you about ways to end lives in less painful ways, snapping a neck quickly or using a killing bite (which no other wolf is even aloud to know) to the throat, once wolves are put out of their misery the whole pack has a vigile  when night comes , the Taker and Blood Wolf carry the dead wolf just outside the Leaders Resting place of wisdom and put the dead wolf in a nice spot close the the cave. The whole pack then sit in a circle around the dead wolf and the Healing wolf sits in the middle, saying a few words like gratitues to how well the wolf served his or her life in the pack and then one by one after the leader they all howl in grief.


Fighter: A fighter is what normal wolves usually become when fully grown, older wolves sometimes teach pups techniques but usually its the parents that train their own pups.


Healing wolf: Healing wolves are used to help injured wolves, they dont use herbs only a few materials but have a spiritual connection to their ancestors, they use that knowledge to help injured wolves  usually for stronger injurries. They can also take on pups to train if they wish, which they then become a Harvester.


Havester: The Harvester is a young wolf around the age of six months who the Healer teaches about potions at first, the less complicated things like cleaning wounds with moss and water.


As the pup gets older the Healer will start to teach them about the ancestors and how to connect with them and more things about wisdome and spiritual things.

Once the Healers time is up then the Harvester must go to the Leaders Resting place of Wisdom and like how the leaders get accepted need to be tested by their ancestors to see if they are trully worthy of becoming the next Healing Wolf.



Leader: Leader is the wolf that leads the pack, he/she does their very best to protect the pack no matter what, you always put yourself before the pack.


Destined wolf: Destined wolf is a wolf who will take on the leading roll after the other leader has died or retired, he/she will go to the Leaders Resting place of Wisdom to talk to their ancestors, determining wether they are worthy of becoming the next leader.


For those of you who are confused about the healing wolf, which i know might seem confusing of the way i put it in the other discription, i will explain. When someone becomes  a healing wolf you are granted powers, but depending on how much knowledge you have will affect how your ressults are with tending other wolves.


 How healing works? it depends on the injurry, but if its servre like a broken bone or a gaping wound usually the Healing wolf will set up a bed for the patient and grab a few materials like sticks, water carried in a leaf, aloveria and leaves to stick to the wound for the bleeding part. Then once the patient is lying down on the nest/bed the healing wolf does a range of things like massaging, wetting the fur near the broken bone with oils and feeling for the area of the crack or broken part of the bone. This usually takes  a long time and process for healing bones, though you can't actually fully fix a broken leg but you can strenghthen it again, casts are used and made out of sticks and leaves, the leaves wrap around the stick and are glued with sticky liquids.


Healing wolves often meditate in their own space, sometimes speaking to the dead spirits for advice and  new intelligence, they have a strong will power and they use it to put energy into other wolves. This is one of their powers it is called "Lighting paw" (eshrakun)

When Wolves have a disease of some sort this is when Healing wolves will go out to find other sources to make potions, they collect things like insect wings, other bones and substances to use in potions. Potions are magicle and mysterious but when making one it is very important that you do it exactly right for it could bring the opposite affect.





In hunts, the leader is always at the front with the striking wolf next to his or hers side, no wolf is to attack until the leaders signal.

The striker is the wolf that takes the first attack and tries to bring the prey down, then the near front row jump onto the prey and help take it down, then once the prey is down the leader carries the prey back with the backrows support.


They then bring the prey back to the cave for everyone to eat.

The leader always takes the first bit, and then his mate and pups if he or she has any, the other lower ranked wolves eat less but still get a decent amount. The wolves that do the more hard work get more of the kill, but mainly it comes to dominense. The more dominant and higher ranked wolves get more of the kill.


Punishements: If any wolf tries to eat or attack without the leaders permission they get bitten, depending on how bad it is there are several kinds of beatings you can get like leg bites, neck bites which hurt more, any sort of dominant actions, though if you show no repsect at all by not putting your tail between your legs or keeping your head low it can be worse so i'd instruct you'd do the right thing and repsect your leader by following the rules.


Rare Death cases:

If you break the code and it is bad enough, this is often a very rare case but if you do then sometimes it can end in death for the penalty, the Leader will summon the Taker and have the taker rip the gulity wolf appart while the guilty wolf dragged by their tail by two strong experienced wolves who force the wolf to the ground and let the taker do his/her buisness inside the Cave of Punishement.