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Hi everyone and welcome to probably one of the best dog/wolf roleplays you can find! There are Three main types you can be Foxes, Wolves and different kinds of Domestic dogs. Also there are extra canines such as Mutts, strays and other wild dogs. The only main leaders are the three wolf pack leaders. Foxes and other small minor ferral dogs dont have packs but mere familys and sometimes share territory with others  but not with wolves. Also there are some rules down the bottom, im sure most of you know them but id still like you to read before you start roleplaying



1) No bullying

2) No rude or hurtful comments

3) Do not raid attacks without asking me

4) respect the other admins and moderators

5) If your meeting someone new try to be nice and helpful, remember just because they're new doesnt mean you older peeps can push them around.

6) No sexual activitys or detaild mating

7) Please try to use a name that doesn't already exist and if you see someone who had the same name earlier then please change it. though i will make an exception of (two) of the same names if i come across them

8) You can't automaticly become leader unless told, this is the same with healing wolves/ takers.

9) PLEASE if you are an admin ask me if your going to edit something or want to delete someone

 10) No having random breeds or mythicle breeds of dogs. Or anything really unrealistic

11) please try to be realistic when roleplaying no rps like this for instance Shade: Shade comes in and kills carribou ._. also for battle is the same you must at least let them have some fair attacks and you can't make yourself invincible.

12) If you are one of the main ranks such as a Leader, Healing wolf or Taker/Destined wolf then you must come on often otherwise i will choose someone els to take your place while your gone for a period of time.




Well those are the main rules, the other thing you need to read is the code only the wolves really have a code the other dogs dont need to cause they aren't in a pack  (and if you want to know more about the races of dogs do onto the info page where it sais

 "About the Domestic dogs/Wolves"



1) Do not try and kill a wolf, only if you are in an absolute situation where you need to defend yourself or protect another pack member


2) Always be greatful for the food that you kill


3) If a pup has a sevre injurry and there is no way of curing it the Taker wolf must put it out of its misery


4) You may NOT mate with domestic dogs for it ruins the blood line and you will be heavily punished if caught


5) Stay away from all human places and tame dogs


6) Respect your leader and obey the rules and Code


7) No fighting amonst pack members


8) Once the Alpha male or Alpha female  dies his/ her mate will become the leader or if he has any pups he/she chooses one of them


9) If the Leaders mate is dead or too old and if he/she has no pups or they have deceased then he/she will choose a new wolf out of the pack to become the next leader. Then their bloodline will carry on as the next generation.


Well thats pretty much all about the code so just follow all the rules and blah and have a good time! oh AND if you have any questions about things just ask me or one of the admins thanks!